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Afterschool Enrichment Program
The Afterschool Enrichment Program at Concord Children’s Academy, is unique in several ways. We believe that the afterschool age group is a very impressionable age and we hold a wonderful opportunity to positively impact our students at the end of their class day. First, we recognize that the children have already had a full class day at “Big School”. We understand that maybe their day went well and maybe it did not go so well. Our Afterschool Enrichment Counselors specialize in the 5-12 age group and know when a child needs a hug, some talk time or personal quiet time.  
At Concord Children’s Academy, our Afterschool Enrichment Program is not designed to be a “kid watching” program. Our certified driver will pick your child up from school, check in with every child and engage with all children on how their school day went. The children will receive a substantial, healthy snack when they arrive at the Program. After snack, the children will check in with their counselor and determine if they will head to homework time, game time, computer time, dramatic arts and stage play, basketball, soccer or outdoor play. Upon Enrollment, parents will coordinate with the Counselor regarding school assigned homework. At CCA, our top priority is always the children. Our philosophy is that your Afterschooler has been in a stressful school environment all day and we, at CCA, prefer that they engage in healthy, physical or creative active play for the afternoon. However, we fully understand that most of our parents are busy, working parents and may choose for their child’s homework to be completed at CCA. We ask that parents fully review the homework section of the Afterschool Enrichment Program – Enrollment Package and that parents and the Afterschool Counselor fully communicate on wishes and expectations regarding homework. At CCA, we fully understand and respect that we are a service provider. It is our job to work with you to fulfill your expectations.  
Character Education is the core component of our Afterschool Enrichment Program. The Activity Room is centered around Character Traits, Good Choices and Happy Friendships. Character Education for our Afterschoolers is more comprehensive than our Preschool program. Our Afterschoolers work with Cooperation, Responsibility, Dealing with Feelings, Saying No, Doing the Right Thing, Disappointment, Appreciating Yourself, Asking for Help, Being a Good Friend, and Resolving Conflicts. At Concord Children’s Academy, we are available for you and your child.
Our school age children are encouraged to positively interact with each other and foster healthy, happy friendships. Character Education is a wonderful base for us as teachers to refer back to and assist us with guiding the children to make good choices and positively work on issues. Our Afterschool Room surrounds our school age children with large, bright, cheerful references to their character components. Our teachers reference character components when working with children on homework, free play and social interactions. Most often, for school age children, good character is a choice; however, children should be clearly taught and reminded of those good character traits and choices. At CCA, no child is ever a bad child, there are only good and bad choices. We help guide your child while educating them and reiterating the good choices. Children have a right to have emotions, emotions are good and healthy. We encourage the older children to talk to us and each other about their feelings and emotions, thus providing an outlet for any frustration and guiding the child to a more positive solution. Our goal is that you pick up your Afterschooler at the end of the day happy – happy children – this is what we do!

We hope that you and your child stop by our school, take a tour of our facility and that you and your child are excited to become part of our Afterschool Enrichment Program.