An Academically Focused Preschool
Ages 6 Weeks to 5 Years
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Phone: (704) 723-6400
Infants: 6 weeks to 12 months
Our nursery is designed to mirror your home nursery. Happy babies that are loved and nutured are our top priority!
Pre-Toddlers: 12 to 24 months
Toddlers: 2 years
Ages & Stages
Concord Children's Academy takes pride in our array of programs for children of all ages. Our educational curriculum and enrichment programs are specifically designed for your children age/stage. Click on a category below to learn more or give us a call at (704) 723-6400.
A structured program of interactive play, both inside and outside, singing, learning to relate to classmates, exploring their environment and so much more!
A structured daily schedule of Circle Time, Center Time (Arts, Science, Blocks, Music) outside play and learning, lunch and free time, potty times naptime and more!
PreSchool: 3 to 4 years
Our Preschool classes concentrate on many skills including early literacy, logical thinking, problem solving, social understanding, physical coordination, character education and more!
PreKindergarten: 5 years
After School: 6 to 12 years
CCA goes above and beyond the NC Star Rating recommended curriculum and offers babies/children a more well rounded educational approach to learning 
NOT designed to be a “kid watching” program. Our certified driver will pick your child up from school, check in with every child and engage with all children.
Focuses on Kindergarten readiness, solid interpersonal/friendship skill development and character education and more!