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Coronavirus Response
Our Health and Safety Practices

We are closely following guidance from the CDC, NC DHHS and local health authorities, as we take extreme care to maintain our safe, healthy school environment for children, families, and staff. We have enhanced our already rigorous health protocols, such as:

Arrival Health Checks: We’re now screening all staff members and children upon arrival at school to check for raised temperatures or evident symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, etc.

Limited Classroom Access: To curb the spread of germs and control group size, we are having parents and family members remain in the front lobby area. Drop off and Pick Up will take place at the front lobby of the school, limiting traffic throughout the building.

Wellness Checks: Regular wellness checks are being conducted throughout the day. The parents of unwell children are notified immediately, to help stop the spread of illness.

Linens: Linens on all cribs and cots, including blankets are washed daily.

Enhanced Health Practices: We’ve strengthened our existing cleanliness and hygiene practices including: more frequent, longer hand washing; cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and items in classrooms.

Shared Spaces: Limiting use of playground equipment to one classroom at a time. Limiting use of the Sensory-Tactile Room, Dance Studio and Baby Buggy's to one classroom at a time and sanitizing after each use