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Handwriting Without Tears is our core curricular program designed to support and introduce strong handwriting skills, pencil stroke introduction, alphabet awareness and recognition and beginning reading/phonetic skills. The Handwriting Without Tears Program is taught to our Pre-Kindergarten class with concept introduction in our Preschool (3+) classes. It is a fact that good handwriting promotes strong literacy skills and academic success in other subjects. The Handwriting Without Tears system is a progressive program that works from the easier pencil strokes to the more difficult strokes. Students who have mastered handwriting are better and more creative writers.  
Educational Curriculum & Programs
At Concord Children's Academy, we are an academic, educational based preschool. Therefore, our core curriculum choice was critical to the educational foundation of our program. Creative Curriculum is the daily curricular base of our program. Creative Curriculum is the top recommended preschool curriculum and recognized by NC Division of Child Development as a developmentally appropriate recommended program.   With Creative Curriculum, every program can put together a complete system that promotes positive outcomes for all children of all educational levels.  

The five core components of the system are (1) The Foundation (2) Interest Areas (3) Literacy (4) Mathematics and (5) Objectives for Development. The goal of the program is that each teacher creates a positive classroom community and fills the periods of the day with meaningful learning experiences. A key concept is introduced to the children and ideas related to the topic are presented which allows for open ended, child directed thinking that proceeds to vertical thinking patterns. Expansion of thought patterns - this is how children intellectually grow and develop. At Concord Children's Academy, our teachers are trained to work with the children and draw their thinking into vertical patterns - everything is a learning experience - it all goes back to open ended questions and exploration. We love to explore! Our students actively construct their own learning while gently guided by their teacher. 
Calico Spanish is offered to our students age 2+. Calico Spanish is designed for children to learn basic Spanish through visual aids, audio cues and actions and auditory learning. Children fully engage in singing, dancing and learning basic beginner conversational skills. Concepts and vocabulary are learned through repetitive presentation. Calico Spanish is presented in a fun, child friendly, age appropriate manner so that learning is fun and engaging resulting in one of the most successful preschool Spanish curriculum materials. Visit their website at
Hear My Hands is an American Sign Language (ASL) preschool curriculum supporter. This program is designed specifically for our youngest students. Ages 6 weeks through 2 years. This program encourages the simple sign techniques for: more, eat, milk, sleep and more. By reinforcing key spoken words with signs, educators provide children with messages both orally and visually, helping to focus a child's attention while strengthening the child's understanding of words and concepts.
Calico Spanish
Hear My Hands
Handwriting Without Tears
Handwriting Without Tears focuses on fun and achievement to optimize children's curiosity and joy of learning throughout school. The program teaches children the proper handwriting habits that they can take to Kindergarten. Children learn to print using hands-on materials and developmentally appropriate activities. Fine motor work gained from the writing readiness program prepares students for paper and pencil success. The goal is that legible and fluent handwriting is an easy and automatic skill for students.  

At Concord Children's Academy, we have made a strong financial commitment to the Handwriting Without Tears program. Usually, this is a program utilized by strong community school systems and large private schools. However, we are firmly dedicated to the education of our young students and making sure that our little citizens are as ready as they can be for big school. For more information, visit
Creative Curriculum
"Tell me I forget. Show me I remember. Involve me and I understand." - Chinese proverb
One of the foundational building blocks at Concord Children's Academy is Character Education. Our character components are: Responsibility, Respect, Caring, Fairness, Trustworthiness and Citizenship. Both curriculum programs (1) The Leader In Me and (2) Seven Habits of Happy Kids - are core components of our Character Education Programs. 

The Leader In Me is designed to give children the essential life skills and characteristics they'll need for success in the 21st century. The Leader in Me process and materials are utilized for ages 3+ and helps develop the essential life skills and characteristics children and students need in order to thrive in the 21st century. This program is built on the proven principles and leadership skills found in Dr. Stephen R. Covey's best selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The Leader in Me process is a holistic experience for children of all ages.

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey assists our students ages 2+ with time proven principles and concepts of good character traits. This program works with characters and stories to teach children how to be proactive, positive thinkers and broad thinkers and how to look at each situation as a win-win. The stories and tools teach children how working together can make each of them a better person. The program is very much discussion driven with lots of interactive group conversation related to each storyline and morale of each tale. Several of the components are having a plan, work comes before play, everyone can win, listen before speaking, together is better and balance is best. 
Character Education Initiative - The Leader In Me, 7 Habits of Happy Kids
Character Education for our Afterschoolers is more comprehensive than our Preschool program. Our Afterschoolers work with Cooperation, Responsibility, Dealing with Feelings, Saying No, Doing the Right Thing, Disappointment, Appreciating Yourself, Asking for Help, Being a Good Friend, and Resolving Conflicts. Our school age children are encouraged to positively interact with each other and foster healthy, happy friendships. Our teachers reference character components when working with children on homework, free play and social interactions.
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