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At Concord Children's Academy, we are an academic, educational based preschool. Therefore, our core curriculum choice was critical to the educational foundation of our program. Creative Curriculum is the daily curricular base of our program. Creative Curriculum is the top recommended preschool curriculum and recognized by NC Division of Child Development as a developmentally appropriate recommended program.   With Creative Curriculum, every program can put together a complete system that promotes positive outcomes for all children of all educational levels.  

The five core components of the system are (1) The Foundation (2) Interest Areas (3) Literacy (4) Mathematics and (5) Objectives for Development. The goal of the program is that each teacher creates a positive classroom community and fills the periods of the day with meaningful learning experiences. A key concept is introduced to the children and ideas related to the topic are presented which allows for open ended, child directed thinking that proceeds to vertical thinking patterns. Expansion of thought patterns - this is how children intellectually grow and develop. At Concord Children's Academy, our teachers are trained to work with the children and draw their thinking into vertical patterns - everything is a learning experience - it all goes back to open ended questions and exploration. We love to explore! Our students actively construct their own learning while gently guided by their teacher. 
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