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An outdoor learning center, music and movement studio, sensory/tactile experience, community activity room,computer and quiet center, are just some of the things that make Concord Children's Academy so special. Check out all we offer below or give us a call at (704) 723-6400 to learn more!
When planning our innovative, educational preschool, we stumbled upon the most amazing new educational approach of outdoor learning centers that were specifically tested and offered very positive case studies based in Europe (UK and Belgium). This is a new, ahead of the curve educational tool just now beginning to take shape in the US and at CCA - WE LOVE IT!! The Outdoor Learning Center incorporates and confirms everything that supports our educational principals  Healthy, Joyful children experiencing and learning through hands-on, broad spectrum activities that encourage and foster vertical thinking patterns while learning through play. Outdoor Learning Centers and the educational benefits are recognized by the very latest industry research, recognized child psychologists, teachers, parents and the real experts - CHILDREN!
Outdoor Learning Initiative
Healthy Kids Initiative
Our Concord Children's Academy Healthy Kids Initiative includes our wonderful, loving, tenured kitchen staff, Mrs. Vickie (a 15 year CMS veteran) and community outreach and involvement promoting and supporting Healthy Kids Initiatives throughout our county. 

Yoga Calm is an innovative child education method that reduces stress and engages both the mind and body for optimum learning. Yoga helps children develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, trust and empathy. Yoga also nurtures teamwork and leadership. Through Yoga we prepare children to learn. Yoga Calm is a unique brand of the traditional yoga practices of mindfulness, physical activity and nervous system regulation with social skills games and counseling techniques. Integrating fitness, social/emotional and cognitive learning into 5 to 40 minute age appropriate processes. The physical elements are safe for and accessible to children at all skill and fitness levels. Yoga Calm addresses barriers to children’s learning by meeting their basic needs - needs for community, safety, structure, discipline, health and self-control. Concord Children's Academy is thrilled to partner with Yoga Calm in offering this program to our students ages 2+. Visit their website
The Outdoor Learning Center at Concord Children's Academy is designed to be a "Multi-Intelligence Playspace" which supports a cross curricular adventure plan including Science, Math, Art, Music and Social Skills. Our students will learn science and math skills in the garden with measuring, watering, planting and harvesting. They will measure rain deposits and plant growth. The children will document outdoor weather patterns versus plant growth. The Flowering Music Patch, offers students a space to work on rhythm, patterns and beats either individually or in a group with their friends. Our Rock Garden allows children to count, separate and classify nature’s treasures. The Bamboo Art Experience is art in a natural setting. Every child will love our Friendship TeePee which allows a class or a group of friends a quiet space to gather to read, sing or marvel at the treasures they collected on their nature walk. 
Our Healthy Kids Initiative promotes children and families practicing and enjoying a lifestyle of healthy eating and physical activity within an environment that supports health, wellness and vitality. At Concord Children's Academy, our students WILL only be served fresh or frozen vegetables- NO CANS!! Any and all fruit will be rinsed free of syrup and fresh or frozen will be selected over canned. Each menu will carefully be designed with the seasonal fruits and vegetables in mind and we proudly support our local produce markets. Children are encouraged to try new foods, however, menus are designed with kids in mind and child friendly presentation and selection.  
Yoga Calm
At Concord Children's Academy, we firmly stand behind the Arts and the proven benefits of presenting the Arts to children in a joyful, happy, fun-loving environment. Our Music and Movement Studio is designed with full dance mirrors and a full length dance bar with dance floor. The little ones will perform everything from Yoga Calm, to ballet, modern, and ethnic dance. We will teach the children the basics of rhythm, breathing, and fitness related to music and movement. CCA produley supports our local Cabarrus County Arts Council.
Music and Movement Studio
We believe in fully serving children of all ages at Concord Children's Academy. It has been proven that Infants and PreToddlers learn best in a multisensory, high stimulation environment. At CCA, we are pleased to offer a full use Sensory/Tactile Experience Room specifically targeted for our younger students: Infants through young 2's. This classroom is an enrichment classroom that offers the babies and young ones and additional classroom space full of bright, age appropriate, fun and engaging activities specially designed for this age group. The children can explore the tactilce wall panels or the sensory table along with the bright ball pit and so much more! This is an innovative, cutting edge concept that we are pleased to offer our parents and little ones.
"There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them." - Vicki Baum
Based upon our research and vision, our Outdoor Learning Center was designed and developed in collaboration with a leading playground developer. 
At Concord Children’s Academy, we are champions of our community and anything that deepens our student’s activism and civic engagement. Character Education is a key component of our preschool program. It is important to us that the children not just learn academically about Character Education, but that they practice good character. Several character traits are utilized in giving back. Our students learn compassion, good citizenship, generosity, giving, gratefulness and so many more. The students will also learn how to organize their time, gifts, efforts and events. There are so many lessons and gifts in giving back.  
Pink Sunshine!
Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them. – Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady
Pink Sunshine is our school sponsored charity designed to “Teach Children that Caring and Sharing Make the World a Better Place”. At Concord Children’s Academy, we believe we are helping create good little people and good little people care about their neighbor and their community. It was important to develop a vehicle to give the children an opportunity to experience giving and sharing…..welcome to Pink Sunshine!
Pink Sunshine supports local charitable organizations relating specifically to the welfare of our community's children. Through our sponsorships, we hope to make a child’s day a little more hopeful and brighter by letting them know that a neighbor cares.  

Pink Sunshine is set up to also accept floral donations (from weddings and events) as a charitable tax deduction. These flowers will be broken down and remade into smaller arrangements that will be delivered to Cabarrus County Hospice for delivery to terminally ill patients and their families with love from our little ones. The flower arranging, scheduling and budgeting will be coordinated by our PreK class and our Afterschool Enrichment Program students.  

Our school will sponsor several events during the year from which all proceeds will be donated to the charity. Pink Sunshine is a charitable organization driven by the children of the school and overseen by Ms. Kyshia and Mrs. Allison. 
As part of our Healthy Kids Initiative, Concord Children's Academy's Outdoor Learning Center includes Classroom Gardens. Children will select and choose what vegetables to plant, cultivate and harvest. There are so many life lessons in gardening for children. The joy a child experiences when watching their tomato plant grow and ultimately making a salad from their very own veggies is a pleasure to witness. Somehow, everything tastes better when homegrown, don't you agree?  
Sensory/Tactile Experience
Concord Children's Academy is a peanut free facility. We respect that children may have different allergies and will work with the parents to make sure that every day is a safe food day. Parents are welcome to pack a lunch and/or snacks for their children to accommodate more severe health allergies and/or issues. Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your child. Our kitchen has an open door policy. Please feel free to stop by and chat with Mrs. Vickie about the menu or any questions.