An Academically Focused Preschool
Ages 6 Weeks to 5 Years
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Phone: (704) 723-6400
Our loving and nurturing teachers will take the time to understand your child's unique schedule to ensure that their physical and emotional needs will be consistently and affectionately met. Our nursery is surrounded with many stimulating objects and opportunities to explore and grow in a truly nurturing environment. We have a structured program of interactive play, both inside and outside, singing, learning to relate to classmates, exploring their environment, rest times, naps, diapering, feeding, washing and comforting. The schedule provides your baby with a sense of security and order in their daily lives. The schedule is flexible and will be adjusted to your infant's special needs and parent requests one knows your baby like you do! You will receive daily communication from your child's teacher outlining the daily plan and detailing your child's day including feedings and diaper changes. Our goal in the Infant Room is that we are loving, supportive partners with our Parents in the daytime care of your most wonderful child. We want to send your baby home in the evening clean, happy, tired and ready for Mommy and Daddy time!  
Our Infant Room utilizes several curriculums. Our base curriculum is Creative Curriculum, which is recommended by the NC Star Rating system; however, at Concord Children's Academy, we have gone beyond the base curriculum to offer our babies a more well rounded educational approach. We also offer Hear My Hands based on American Sign Language. Sign Language has been proven to assist with communication from the littlest babies through the older infant stage. Sign Language can ease the frustration that older infants feel when they cannot yet express their needs verbally. Our Infants have special use of our Sensory/Tactile Experience Room. Infants learn through stimulation and repetition. Our Sensory/Tactile Room is stimulation overload! There are lots of different textures, colors and sounds. The Sensory/Tactile Room is a unique, innovative, creative approach to infant education. At Concord Children’s Academy, we want our babies exploring, learning and happy! We also incorporate Yoga Calm into our quiet time routine before or after naptime. This is a quiet time with the teacher and baby where they stretch with low, quiet music. Studies have shown that infants who participate in yoga exercises have improved sleep patterns, gas relief and aids in digestion. Our babies participate in Art class. Our teachers work with your child learning to color, paint and create. As a parent, some of your favorite keepsakes will be created in the Infant Room. We want to send you home with memories.  

At Concord's Children's Academy, our Infant Room is designed to mirror your home nursery. The colors are soothing with low, relaxing music at naptime and happy, baby friendly music during activity time. It is our goal that each baby is special and loved as if they were at home with Mommy and Daddy. We invite you to tour our Infant Room - it is important for expectant Mommies to register early - Infant spaces fill up quickly and do not open frequently. We would love for you to join our CCA family!