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Kyshia B. Lineberger, Owner
Hi! My name is Allison R. Frye and I am the Executive Director at Concord Children's Academy. Previously, I was the Administrative Director at a five star, franchised, educational preschool for 10 years. I hold my Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and am a member of the Director's Leadership program for Mecklenburg County. I am a Level III Director with the State of North Carolina.  

It is very common in the childcare industry for daycare and even preschools get bogged down in the daily schedules of taking care of children. That just should not be the case. As the song goes children are OUR future, teach them well and let them lead the way -  this is so true. At Concord Children's Academy, we are pleased to offer the newest, most exciting, innovative programs in childcare. Our Outdoor Naturescape Experience comes direct from Europe. The Infant/Toddler Sensory and Tactile Classroom is unique in that it targets the younger students to assist with their fine and gross motor skills, sensory stimulation and social interactions . Our character education program promises to benefit the younger children, but also our afterschoolers who can always use extra positive affirmation and guidance. The Handwriting Without Tears program is proven to guide the Preschoolers through the difficulties of alphabet recognition, phonics and pencil skills needed for Kindergarten readiness. Our healthy eating and healthy body initiative is new to childcare and exciting to share with parents and children. There are just so many wonderful programs that are a part of the educational foundation of Concord Children's Academy that I cannot list them all!  

I hope that you decide to tour our school and become part of our team - the team for children. I look forward to meeting you and your family. 

Allison R. Frye
Allison R. Frye, Executive Director
Committed to helping children achieve their dreams
Hello! I am Kyshia Brassington Lineberger and I LOVE working with children in a preschool setting! My story is quite interesting and I believe is very similar to every working parent. Eleven years ago, when my daughter was a baby, I needed to get back to work and was quite disappointed and even saddened as I toured local daycares/preschools. Finally, I found a preschool that offered a new, exciting approach to traditional childcare. I was so happy, that I became a franchise owner. The funny thing is, by following my heart and taking a leap, I found my life's calling - children and preschool services. I come from an administrative background but, first and foremost, I'm a PARENT  - just like you.  

I very much enjoyed owning my five star, franchised school; however, I was often frustrated because I wanted to do more. I wanted to explore new teaching techniques and learning methods (like Concord Children Academy's new Outdoor Naturescape Learning Experience and the Infant/Toddler Sensory Tactile Classroom), I wanted to provide full services including a healthy cafeteria menu with only frozen or fresh veggies (no cans please!) and I wanted to include the children in the menu planning and healthy choices...why not?! I also found that a franchised program limited funds that should be spent on our actual children's programs franchise fees are expensive!! It was time to make a move!  

I am over the moon to present our new school, Concord Children's Academy. My wonderful, good friend and previous Administrative Director made the move with me and is our Executive Director - Allison Frye. Allison and I have worked together for over 10 years and I rely very much on her Early Childhood Education degree, credentials and vision. She is the better half of a very strong team. Allison is one of a select few in Mecklenburg County to be asked to partner with the Director Leadership Program.  

I hope that after you decide to tour our program and enroll, that we will become partners in your child's education and daily care. At Concord Children's Academy, we LOVE what we do and accept nothing but the very best. Welcome to our School!

Kyshia B. Lineberger